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Al-Deyabi Logistics Services comes as an expected development, with a pioneering service, a very diverse and huge fleet of services, and a specialized workforce, who enjoys the continuous training and competence necessary to modernize the services it provides, to meet the growing needs of the market, and the desire to expand with distinctive, flexible and specialized services.

And because necessity is the mother of invention, Al-Deyabi Logistics Services was established to meet the increasing needs of commercial expansion internally and externally. To give our customers all the logistical support they need, from planning and management to transportation and storage, to packaging and delivery with all professionalism, responsibility, and distinction.

Our services:

We have established centers, work points, and offices covering all parts of the Kingdom, to provide the best and fastest service every time, including:

Water logistics

We manage water transportation from planning to transportation, in addition to operating and managing vessels and storage until filling and delivery with all efficiency and responsibility.

Fuel logistics

We help various entities and institutions to overcome complications that they are not equipped to solve, and we provide fuel logistical services to all parts of the Kingdom and to most neighboring countries with ease and commitment.

Logistics of goods

In an innovative and effective way, we plan the most successful transportation and storage operations, control the flow and delivery, and maintain the goods and their quality as a vital and original role for the service we provide.

Our Mission:

Development plans and our nation’s pursuit of leadership in the region is not an easy matter, but we believe that each of the parties plays their part, and effective participation is the way to our common aspirations. Therefore, Al-Deyabi Logistics Services comes as a pure Saudi effort. To drive business growth, prosperity, and support for its stability and strength.

Our vision:

Improve the flow of goods and services from upstream to downstream.

Helping organizations overcome complexities and provide solutions to various problems.

Achieving the highest returns from various investments.

Providing integrated services, from planning and transportation to management and planning, including careful storage, packaging, delivery, and after-sales services in a manner that satisfies and appeals to customers.


Responsibility: We know our role and responsibility towards the safety of our operations and the preservation of the quality of the materials in place, and we do our part efficiently and accurately.

Integrity: We carry out our contracts according to sound ethical and professional standards.

Competitiveness: We aspire to establish the name of Al-Deyabi as a leader in logistics services, making us adhere to the highest standards of quality in performance and excellence in work.