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Technology is no longer an outsider to today’s business world, rather it has become a paradigm shift in the way businesses are conducted. Where you save time, reduce costs, and maximize profits. And because that is what every customer is looking for; Hence, Al-Deyabi Trading was established in 1998 AD, to provide everything the customer needs with a clear plan and specific goals. To provide our usual services in a field that thirsts for quality and credibility, and we have worked from that time until now to give our customers what they are looking for in the way that the name of Al-Deyabi and our various services are known, in terms of reliability, efficiency, and distinction.

We were not going to conduct a business of our size in yesterday’s ways; therefore, we know exactly what our customers need in terms of services, and we know how to provide them to them at prices that are the best, without compromising the quality and efficiency standards, so we supply services to various entities and institutions, including:

Wholesale and retail trade of computers and their various accessories, including tools and operating systems, in addition to specialized consulting services and computer and communication network services.

Wholesale and retail trade of office tools, machines, and various devices.