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Due to the association of our group with a vital and important sector, which is the contracting sector, which is the backbone in achieving the goals of the development plans, and since the establishment of the group it has been moving in steady steps and in continuous progress, aspirations, visions and new thinking in the world of contracting thanks to the wise management of the Chairman of its Board of Directors, and one of its first goals was the completion of work Which contracted with all credibility and dedication through the best technical and administrative expertise of consultants, engineers, professionals and skilled and trained manpower. Among its most important activities are carrying out general contracting projects for buildings, restoration and operation of buildings, road works, bridges, dams, excavations, decoration, electricity, water and sanitation works, flood drainage, water supply and site organization.

And since we started in Al-Deyabi Contracting to practice our activity and our reputation has grown among our customers as one of the most prominent contractors in the Kingdom and the quality of performance at all levels and the satisfaction we feel from our customers are the basis of our success and a source of pride for us behind all that stands a work team working with one spirit, everyone has a strong sense of responsibility and makes Everything he can do to provide the best that can be obtained. Today, at Al-Deyabi Contracting, we consolidate our principles based on making the concept of quality the only alternative to it, starting from working on projects that require civil works such as highways and bridges to prestigious construction projects such as building and restoring mosques, university buildings and hospitals of high quality in addition to specialized infrastructure works. To provide the best services to our customers who believe in our cards and our capabilities in fulfilling our obligations under all circumstances, and also trust that the result they obtain will be above the level of expectations.

Road Safety

Road safety is a very important issue for the group, as the best technical specifications that ensure the implementation of these roads are studied and approved using the best materials and modern equipment that meet the safety and security requirements, and all other safety factors are provided, including various indicative and guiding panels, paints, reflective signs, means of water drainage, protections and numerous barriers.

Roads are provided with all safety factors to provide comfort and safety for their users, and these means are:

Asphalting of the side shoulders, and improving their lateral tendencies

Expose bridges, so that they are wide of the road with their shoulders

Create side stops

Painting the sides and middle of roads, and providing them with reflective signs (cat eyes).

Providing roads with protective barriers, kilometer signs, and guiding, warning, and directing signs

Fencing all highways to prevent stray animals from entering the precincts of the road, and establishing crossings on these roads to facilitate the crossing of these animals, and placing traps for them at all sub-ports on the highways.